Moments of Truth Coaching


Moments of Truth coaching is a practical coaching program which focuses primarily on the impact the coachee has on situations where he/she is required to make a difference; the “Moments of Truth”. These are tangible situations that can be found in his/her day to day schedule. It is about the situations that have a actual result based on what the coachee does, or fails to do

Together with the coachee we find these moments Moment of Truth Engels 4.1of truth and we analyze their own behaviour in these situations. The significant difference appears most of the time within the interaction with multiple “players”, who play their part in the moment of truth.

Strictly speaking the term “Moment of Truth” is incorrect, mostly it is a situation where multiple events happen consecutively. We can speak of a process, either planned or not.

Creating a difference in a successful way asks the insight in the role(s) the coachee takes or should take. By analyzing multiple Moments of Truth there appears an image with more depth and breadth. This forms the bases of acting successfully in future situations.