VLMC Assessmensts: more than a yardstick

How do you recognize the VLMC Assessment?

  • Based on (international) validated methodologies (KOAN Personality Indicator), which provide insight in the competences/talents of  people and their analytical capabilities in an objective manner ;
  • A personal approach, every participant takes an active role and has the opportunity to introduce aspects which are important to him/her and establish ownership of the conclusions and the points of attention and development;
  • The rapport gives a clear picture how the participant will perform his/her role in the context of the organization .

A customer speaks:

“The analysis and conclusions are clear and consistently formulated. They provide, without room for misinterpretations, a clear answer to our questions. We received a good picture of the opportunities of the participant for successful performance in the context of our organization. The results were communicated and explained to the participant in a constructive and transparent manner”.



The facts:

Over 27 years of experience with developing and realizing selection and development              assessments in both profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Track record  during the last 3 years:

  • More than 240 assessments in over 80 organizations;
  • With a variety of 70 different positions on management  level: 48% on board or MD level, 44% on the next management level;
  • Development centers with 10 to 12 participants.


The Greek sculptor Myron made his statues in a way that you could imagine, without any effort, that the disc thrower would actually throw his disc. This is an ambition we strive for in writing our reports”.